Yes Bank Android Application for Mobile Banking – Features, Problems & Review

Yes Bank is India’s 4th Largest Private Sector Bank which is of Indian Origin with its headquarters in Mumbai. With the number of customers steadily increasing they have released a Free Android application to help do Banking on the go from the vicinity of your Mobile.

The Yes Bank Android App lets you do you Banking on the go with its decent User interface and the number of options available for its users. Services offered through the Yes Bank Mobile banking app are:

Yes Bank Android Application

  1. You can check your account Balance anytime anywhere with the help of this app
  2. You can transfer funds to an Account in the same bank and even to other bank accounts which is of great relief compared to some other bank apps which do not let us do this. Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) lets you transfer funds to accounts in other banks as well.
  3. The option of checking on your Fixed Deposit accounts is also available
  4. You can get a Mini Statement directly on your Mobile without the need to go to an ATM or Bank for getting Statements.
  5. You can put a Request for Cheque Book to your account directly from this App
  6. There are other services which let you Pay your Utility Bills, Recharge your Mobile device from the vicinity of the app itself and also lets you do DTH recharges to almost all top TV service providers.
  7. The Daily limit for Transaction through this App is INR 50,000

Yes Bank Android app services1

Using the App is very Easy, all you have to do is Download the App from Play Store: Yes Bank App and install it. Once you launch the App you need to insert your YES BANK Retail NetBanking Id and the Password to activate the App and link it to your account, there are some more simple steps which will help in completing the registration.

Make sure that the Net Bnaking option is activated in your account which can be done here: Link

There are some issues with the App as some users have pointed out that the App gets stuck at the Registration point where you need to enter your Phone number. In some devices the App crashes when you launch it and if you do not activate the Mobile Data service on your device when you activate the App Rs. 2 will be cut when you are asked to Validate the App.



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