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Samsung S Health App for Galaxy S III for Recording Health Information Unveiled

Just like Google Play Store, Samsung the South Korean giant has designed a marketplace of its own and you might know this. Samsung Apps is the place where Samsung has developed various apps for Samsung powered handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S III is the latest model by Samsung unveiled on May 3, 2012. Alongside with Galaxy S III handset, Samsung also launched S Health application for its flagship model. Since the launch of S III was so big that this application didn’t get much attention but it’s a useful application indeed. Various new applications comes pre loaded in Samsung Galaxy S III phone and one among them is S Health, a personal wellness application especially designed for human devices like Galaxy S III.S Health Android App

S Health Android App

Samsung launches S Health Android application which is used to record the health related information. S Health application can be used as the replacement smart device for ideally used Sphygmomanometer for measuring blood pressure. S Health can also be used to measure blood sugar levels, your weight and the calories you have to determine anyone’s health chart. Interestingly you can post the health chart or report to the social network and let your friends known about it.S Health Samsung

S Health Android application is currently available in seven countries like South Korea, United States and other five countries in Europe. So if you are among the listed countries and looking to download this application, you need to head to Samsung Apps store and then search for S Health application and probably another reason why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S III. It will be launched in other countries very soon. We are very excited about this application and will review the same on Android advices.

A health initiative by Samsung to allow people understand their health chart without wasting any time or money. Kudos to Samsung! And we would like to see more such niche applications coming out very soon.



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