Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro

How To Root Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro SK17i

Pre Requisite Instructions:

  • So, before proceeding you will have to ensure that you have successfully created the backup of your data which includes SMS, Contacts and other data which is present in your phone which even includes the APN (Access Point Name) Settings which are responsible for the internet access in the form of 3G / GPRS on your phone.
  • Make a note of the APN as well as the MMS Settings which are there in your phone so that once rooting is finished you can enter the same in your device. You can refer to the below procedures to know in detail about on how you can create a backup of your crucial data. The best way is to move all the data to the SD Card and then remove the SD Card from your phone till you finish the rooting process.

Procedure to Backup SMS,

Procedure to Backup Contacts

  • Another important thing is that you will have to note that you are on the version of “4.0.A.2.368”. Just in case if you don’t know on how you can check the version then all you need to do is to go to the path Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version where you will find the version of Android OS where it will show 4.0.A.2.368 Gingerbread 2.3.3 version.
  • Make a note that your phone needs to be charged a minimum of 90% before rooting the phone as most of the times this step is not followed and users tend to get issues like lesser battery backup after rooting the device. So, higher the battery life, the better will be the performance of the phone after rooting.
  • Ensure that the Sony’s PC Suite is installed in your computer and make sure that you are suing the computer or laptop which has the admin privileges. Just in case if some particular ports are locked then you may face issues in the COM Port. If it shows the error of Port then all you need to do is to restart the computer and then re try the whole process of rooting which is mentioned below.
  • Please note that last but not the least, the warranty of the phone will be lost as soon as you root the phone, so make sure that you know about this fact before you proceed to root the device, though there are ways to revoke the root access with which you can then reclaim the warranty.

Procedure to Root Xperia Mini Pro SK17i 4.0.A.2.368:

  • First up, you need to download the Rooting Package which contains the Rooting file in the form of boot.img file as well as Short fuse app which is required for the rooting process.
  • Once you download all these files which are mentioned above, you need to install the Short fuse application in your computer and then you will have to ensure that the boot.img file is placed in the same folder as that of which is located in fastboot.exe.
  • Once you do this now it’s time to turn Off the phone after which you will have to connect the phone to the computer in the fastboot mode. Which is connect the phone with the help of the USB cable to the computer.
  • Now, after this you need to flash the boot.img file using the code which is mentioned below.

Fastboot flash boot boot.img

  • Please note that you will have to ensure that you are not renaming the boot.img file which you have downloaded and placed in the folder as if you do that then there the whole process of rooting won’t be working.
  • Now, up next you will have to verify that you get the message of “OK” at the end of the flashing process after which all you need to do is to just disconnect the USB cable.
  • Now, power the phone ON and now when the phone boots up then you will have to ensure that the option of “unknown sources and USB Debugging” option is enabled which you can find the same in the Settings after that you will have to connect the phone with the computer and then you need to start the Super One Click application on your Computer
  • Now, up next you will have to click on the Root or alternatively you can also click on the FLASHTOOL and then click on the root.
  • That’s it as soon as you click on the Root then the device will be rooted after which the device will either be blinking or may even get restarted in the process of rooting.

Now, after this the device will be rebooted and then you will find that the Super user application in the skull shaped which means that the device has been successfully rooted. After this now, you will have to open the same and then if it asks you to allow the rooting access then you need to allow the same.

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