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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tip – How to Use Multiple Windows at once? [Multi Window]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has got a feature using which you can have the screen shared by two applications running at once, and this takes the multitasking to the next level. The normal multitasking is always possible with the long press of the home button where you get to see the multiple apps running in the background, but the Multi Window is something different.

Using the Multi Window feature, one can use the applications such as Browser, S Note, Gallery, Email etc. at the same time, two apps which take up half of the screen each, and the size of each window can be manipulated. The text and images from one window can be easily transferred to the other using the drag and drop feature.

Note 3 Multi Window

How to active Multi Window feature on Note 3?

To active the Multi Window option, you would need to go to the settings, where under the Device section you would see the Sound & Display settings. In this, there is the option for Multi Window which can be toggled On from there itself, go clicked to go into the deeper details, where you get to see the option whether to open the content directly in the multi window automatically when the files or videos are opened while the multi window is running.

Note 3 Device Settings Note 3 Multi Window

Once this is activated, you can either show the Multi Window bar on the left or right corners or you can choose to hide it. This can be done by long pressing the “Back” button in the bottom touch based buttons in the device. This can happen only if you have the Multi Window feature turned On in the settings.

Note 3 Multi Window Bar Note 3 Multi Windows

Not every app can be used in this feature. For example, if you wanted to play a game, it’s the full screen which the game would occupy and the multi window won’t work there. There is a list of selected applications which can work with the Multi Window feature, which still is good because you can watch video and type a text message at the same time. The Gmail, S Note, Browser, Chrome, Youtube, Music, Messages, Scrapbook and a few other apps can be selected from.

The list can be edited and if you wanted to try out, applications can be added to the list and checked whether they would work along with any other app along side. Pressing on the center Blue dot would give you a few options that you can do with the windows, and pulling the dot up and down would change the size of the window.

Check out the video below to see what all can be done with the Multi Window feature in the Galaxy Note 3:

Check out the tutorial on how to capture screenshot on Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, which includes a few ways and not just the standard physical key one.

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