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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tip: Change Font Size & Magnify the Screen for Better View

The larger the screen, the harder for you to read the smaller text and you could just pinch out in the browser to zoom into the text and read, but that isn’t possible in all the apps, because the zooming is mostly possible only in the browsers and in the apps such as Messaging. For you to see large text everywhere, there are options such as Font Size and Magnification available in the Settings on the Galaxy S5 (read: Capture screenshot on Galaxy S5).

The font size change would be applied to most of the applications where it is compatible, but overall it’s a pretty basic and good option. For changing the font size, there are 2 ways to reach the option:

  • Settings > Display > Font
  • Settings > Personalization > Accessibility > Vision > Font Size

Both would take you to the same section where the font size can be toggled, from Tiny to Huge, including Tiny, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Huge and this good for those with not a very normal vision and those who wanted a bigger or smaller text to read.

Galaxy S5 Font & Zoom Settings Galaxy S5 Font & Zoom Display Galaxy S5 Font Size

If at all you selected the Huge font size, this would be applied to specific applications, and the font size extra large will be applied in the other applications where the Huge size isn’t applied, so you at least would be getting the text in a bigger size than normal.

Galaxy S5 Huge Font Size

Now, for someone who wants to see everything big and not just the text, there is a way to magnify the screen. The gesture comes under the accessibility options, and here is how you can turn this on:

Go to Settings > Personalization > Accessibility > Vision > Magnification Gestures and you would be seeing a set of instructions and functions if you are turning this feature on.

Galaxy S5 Settings Galaxy S5 Accessibility Settings Galaxy S5 Magnification Gestures

How to Magnify the screen? After you turn the magnification gestures on, you need to triple tap on the screen to zoom in and out on the particular area where you have tapped. While you have zoomed in, the things you can do:

  • Drag two or more fingers across the screen to Pan
  • Pinch with 2 or more fingers together to adjust the zoom level

This magnification would work anywhere, except on the keyboard where you cannot zoom and it remains the same. It seems to be a pretty cool option for those who wanted to get into the details clearly by zooming into the picture. Below is the picture showing the zoomed in area on the home screen.

Galaxy S5 Magnification Galaxy S5 Magnified Zoom

These two were pretty simple options, but very important ones where you could take much advantage of the zooming options in the device whenever needed. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S5 section for more such tips and tricks, and if you still are wondering if this is a device worth the price, it now is because of the price drop.

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