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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen – without Finger Scanner, Forgot Alternative Password

With the way Samsung has implemented the security options in the Samsung Galaxy S5, a user would generally be very happy as no one would easily be able to get into the interface without the permission, as the Finger scanner is the one which tightens the security and recognizes the fingerprint of the owner of the device. But there are situations when the actual owner isn’t around and wants you to unlock the screen for some reason, and you have no option to get the screen unlocked. Of course the Alternative password is the next way, but who really remembers that?

Here are the steps for the users who do not have the Alternative password for unlocking the screen of Samsung Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 Screen Unlock

You can do that by providing the registered Google account login details, which is the only way left for you to enter the interface. There’s the advantage of unlocking the screen, but at the same time, you won’t be able to login when the Internet is deactivated, and you would just get the answer – Invalid username or Password. Thus you need to make sure that the Internet connectivity is turned on, when you are trying to use this Google account login to unlock the screen when the Finger scanner and Alternative password aren’t working.

Although this is a direct way, you won’t be able to see any of the options directly on the lock screen because its hidden and you need to try the Alternative password for a few times until the “Unlock via Google” option appears. It generally needs a minimum of 5 trials and fails for the Alternative password before you go back to the lock screen and see the Google unlock option.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Unlock Alternative Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Unlock Enter Password Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Unlock 1

Once you get to see that option, you can then login into the Google account which is already present in the S5, and it would check for the account and unlock the screen for you.

The good thing about it is, that it knows you have no way for unlocking the screen with the Fingerprint or Alternative password, so it would change it directly to Swipe and unlock option and take you to the Screen unlock settings so that you may change it based on the ease.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Unlock Google Login Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Unlock Checking Account Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Unlock Options

This is a very handy trick, but not the best one because the Internet connectivity for sure is an issue. And with the Finger scanner turned on, you cannot drag down the notification panel from the lock screen, thus you cannot toggle the connectivity from there.



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