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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Samsung has unleashed the Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone during their annual UNPACK event held on March 1st, 2015. Galaxy S6 Edge is the world’s first smartphone with dual edge display, not just that Samsung has finally brought major design changes to their smartphones (S6 & S6 Edge) after facing a lot of criticism. Here are some of the features/highlights that you probably don’t know about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Dual Edge Screen

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (3)

Unlike the last year’s galaxy Note Edge, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features dual edge display. Galaxy Note edge smartphone had a feature where users can pin the app shortcuts to the edge of the screen for easy access. But the new S6 Edge doesn’t have the same feature anymore, instead it allows users to add five contacts with pictures to the edge and you’ll be able to see text/call notifications from these contacts.

Design change

Samsung was always blamed for their poor plastic build quality considering the price they charge. Well, things have been changed now; the all-new Galaxy S6 Edge comes with full metal body construction that replaced cheap plastic material. Not just that, the smartphone is also protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 both front and back. The 5.1-inch display feels premium while holding in hands. Needless to say that S6 is one of the most attractive smartphone available right now.

Beautiful Display

Samsung has never compromised on their display quality be it Note 4 or Note Edge. Therefore, the display shouldn’t be a complaint on the S6 Edge too. The device sports a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display with 2560 x 1440 resolution having a pixel density of whopping 577 PPI, which is way higher than the last year’s S5. It was just 432 PPI on S5 while this year’s iPhone 6 Plus display have a 401 PPI, which is comparatively very low. The Pictures look natural with no distortion what so ever, viewing angles are great, as well as the display is clearly visible from almost all the angles.

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The Compromises

The Galaxy S6 Edge is just 7mm thick. To achieve, that amount of thickness Samsung had to make quite a lot of compromises. Like there is no SD Card slot support, and all you are left with is the default storage on the device. Although, OTG support will be of help at necessary times. The battery unit on the device is non-removable, which is sad thing considering Note 4 had an option to change the battery. Moreover, it isn’t waterproof either, which is a big setback considering its last flagship device as waterproof.

Modified TouchWiz

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (2)

The new flagship is running on latest Android 5.0 lollipop out of the box. While on top of it, Samsung is running its latest TouchWiz UI that is tweaked a lot. This time you’ll find less bloatware on their custom interface while a lot, except the S Voice and S Finder applications, which are useful apps indeed. The performance is now snappier without any lag, although there are some glitches here and there, and heating issues while gaming and multitasking that should be fixed in the coming build of UI.

Wireless charging & Fingerprint Sensor

The device comes with wireless charging feature which supports Qi/PMA wireless charging technologies that can charge up the battery pretty quickly. The company has also mentioned that the device will work with any third-party wireless charging pads with the same technology. They have improved the fingerprint sensor this time, where you don’t need to swipe across the display to unlock the device anymore. Now just a normal touch on the home button will suffice.

Various Storage Options

Though the device doesn’t have a Micro SD card slot Samsung has managed to rip off Apple’s style, where users can choose between 32, 62, 128GB variants. The price would vary depending on the storage capacity you opt. If you are a normal smartphone user then, a 32GB variant should be fine. Otherwise, if you are one who plays a lot of games and want more storage for multimedia then, you can always opt bigger 64/128GB variants.

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