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Three Things That Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Does That HTC One M9 Can’t

Samsung and HTC have launched their flagship smartphones; both these devices pack some interesting specifications. While the Galaxy S6 Edge is powered by Samsung’s very own Exynos Octa- core processor, the One M9 features Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa- core processor. Both these smartphones are equally powerful in their ways, but, when compared, the HTC One M9 falls out of the competition with some minor drawbacks. Here are the top three things that HTC One M9 can’t do that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can.

Edge Screen Functions

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - First Impressions (4)

Galaxy S6 Edge has many edge screen functionalities like the night clock, which displays the clock on the edge of the screen during night times. Galaxy S6 Edge screen is illuminated to display the clock at night time. The Edge lighting is yet another awesome feature; the edge screen glows while receiving the calls, provided that the device is placed upside down. Also, the device lets you pin five contacts to the edge screen as shortcuts and lets you assign unique colors to each contact pinned. The Notifications from these contacts show up directly in their assigned area. Due to lack of edge screen, HTC one M9 can’t do these type of actions.

Samsung’s Pay Feature

The UNPACK was not just about the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge; the South Korean company has also introduced a new age payment feature called the Samsung Pay. Unlike the Apple pay that is very limited and not available yet, Samsung Pay would be available in most places by the end of this year and will support the older standard credit cards. The Pay feature is compatible with the NFC, which comes built-in with the Galaxy S6. Though the Samsung pay is not available globally for now, but it’s one such feature that HTC One M9 can’t do.

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Heart-Rate Sensor

Samsung’s heart rate sensor was always a welcome addition in Samsung smartphones; the app lets you keep track of your health. When compared with Galaxy S5, Note 4, Note Edge, the results are now accurate on S6/S6 Edge smartphones. Just place your finger on the sensors that are located on the rear side of the device, the app calculates and displays the results. It is another feature that HTC One M9 lacks.



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