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Samsung Galaxy Tab with 3D Display & 3D HD camera at Back

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is among the top Android tablet and we have listed 9 reasons why Galaxy Tab is the best Android tablet. Galaxy Tab is available in various versions. How about a 3D version of Samsung Galaxy Tab?

3D phones has made it to reality and soon the 3D will come to tablets PCs. But before they arrive let us go through one of the Samsung Galaxy Tab made it to work as 3D to make you think.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3D

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3D

Joseph Dumary has designed Samsung Galaxy Tab 3D tablet as a concept device and he presents this model with bunch of interesting features and specifications along with appealing design of it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3D

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3D

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3D will support DP connection to TV and includes a 3D camera with HD capabilities. This tablet will be the running the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and presents the Galaxy TouchWiz interface. It has 3D speakers with HQ quality on board itself and we hope that it does have 3D screen as well. I would love to see this concept tablet taking the shape of reality.

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