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T-Mobile G-Slate Androind 3.0 Tablet 4G

T Mobile G Slate LogoSeems like LG Electronics too want to have some share in the tablet space as LG Mobile Phones along with the T Mobile is all set to launch the next generation 4G Gingerbread powered tablet which is basically dubbed as the T Mobile G-Slate with Google. With the start of 2011, it will be Tablet year as many of the manufacturers are jumping in this bandwagon as it’s new and with the arrival of more and more tablets its sure that technology treat will continue to grow.

This G Slate which will be powered with the Honeycomb will be one of the tablet which will be using this Android operating system and will be complemented with the high speed 4G internet speed which will be shortly coming up as it is slated for launch by the mobile major T Mobile. This device will also be among the first to taste the Android 3.0 Honeycomb which will be powered with 4G internet speed. This device is still not launched in the market but is slated to launch in the Q2 of 2011. It also comes with advanced features like Google Maps 5.0 which comes with 3D interaction and also comes with the power of Android Market place which has millions of applications.

The full list of technical specifications are still not yet released either by LG Mobile or by T Mobile. Once the full list of specifications is released then it will be compared with the latest Motorola Xoom which too comes with similar kind of specifications.

This device will have an HSPA+ which is an advanced version of High Speed Data Access capability so that internet speeds can be at the blazing speeds. Also, T-Mobile has added that GTalk will be powered with a video chat on the G-Slate which will enable face to face video chat. All in all this device comes with an innovative hardware clubbed with a stylish design. This device also comes with a newer version of the You Tube as LG Mobiles have developed an all new fresh interface for the G Slate which is in collaboration with the T Mobile and Google as it’s an Android Powered device.

the above mentioned information was disclosed in the CES 2011 which is the on going tech event but it looks like LG and T Mobile will jointly unveil this LG T-Mobile G Slate in the Mobile World Congress because the 4G network of T Mobile is yet to be launched.

So, how many of them are waiting for this device?



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