How to Save Battery Life in Android Phones

android battery savingAll right we at Android Advices always go with latest firmware updates, latest android mobile news and review of the Android mobile phones. We also covers individuals tips like on how to increase battery life on various devices like Motorola Defy, Samsung Replenish, HTC Aria and other mobile & tablets.

There are few tips by which you can improve the battery life of your mobile phone, almost certain things mentioned here can’t be avoided. Provided here is the general tips where you can save your mobile phone battery for quickly draining out –

  • Charging it Up

    If you are using Android phone then you have to charge your mobile phone at least once a day and almost everyday. If are among those person who never puts his phone down then you have to charge your phone twice a day. So be ready with your charging cable or charger at your desired time. Unless you have an amazing phone with better backup like upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo which has 2500 mAh battery (no details on battery backup life but I am sure it would offer at least 12 hours of battery life on continuous usage). Apart from that if you have mobile phone with 8 hours or 10 hours battery life specifications then after few months of usage of your phone the battery life would be reduced considerably due to physical aging of the components and life of chargeable batteries is not long enough.

    One thing I should praise about Android phone is that it can be charged using your microUSB card slot connection to PC too. A better alternative is to have an extra battery along with you.

  • Screen Brightness

    The screen brightness on your mobile phone uses most of the battery so it’s advised that you use auto brightness if possible. If you mobile phone doesn’t have the setting of auto brightness then pick something setting sensible for a default and work.

    Importantly you should set screen timeout on your mobile phone. It’s the time amount in inactivity before your screen goes to dark (power saving) or auto lock. Keeping your mobile phone setting for longer timeout it’s just wasting the battery and on the other hand if you set it for 10 or 15 seconds, it would be not that much difficult for you to unlock your devices and be back to your work. Preferably, I would say keep it 20 seconds or 30 seconds.

    For the LED screen on some of the Android devices, you will not find the option of auto brightness. It will have the settings from low, medium and high. The high setting will keep you screen for the maximum power usage, the medium is nice for indoor use and the low one works very well in the dark.

  • Desktop Background

    You love those lovely live wallpapers but they consume battery continuously. The live wallpapers apart from consuming the battery continuously it also consume a part of your processor as the process runs continuously. Again this is not the battery problem and there is no reason to complain about the batter drains when you have the live wallpapers on your mobile phone.

    An interesting fact is that on your LED screen, dark wallpapers consume less battery than their counterparts.

  • GPS & Wi Fi

    When GPS is ON in your mobile phone, it consumes a hard amount of processor memory and battery would be eaten away like no man’s business. So it’s better advised to use GPS when you need it. The Foursquare app to consume a little battery while running, so keep it usage to the limit.

    Also, Wi Fi is present in most of the Android mobile phone, infact you can live on Android mobile phone without 3G or Wi Fi connectivity. Turn off your Wi Fi whenever you don’t need them. These settings are available in Home > Menu > Settings and then go to Wireless and Networks.

  • Wireless Radio & 3G

    You love 3G but most of the times when you are connected to 3G internet on your mobile phone, the battery meters quickly drain out. Again, it’s not the problem of your phone or the battery, the 3G and the 4G networks consumes more battery as the connectivity is faster.

    So until and unless you are not using the 3G services, its better to switch to GSM mode network rather than going with the dual mode network or the WCDMA mode which drains the batter faster than GSM mode. The reason is when you are on dual mode, the phone would sending/receiving signals from both 2G and 3G, hence require power for both to operate.

    The same goes with the Wi-Fi radio. The wireless radio is always seeking for the signals which require power all the time thus it will soon drain out your battery life. So avoid using wireless radio.

  • End or Kill Processes

    There are few apps which would continuously run on your mobile phone. Now the twist here is, instead of running unnecessary apps, you can end or kill them if you are not using them continuously.

  • Disable Apps that Sync Constantly

    There are few apps in your Android mobile phone which keep on updating and sync. The built in email application other GMail can eat up your battery badly because it syncs with your email too regularly. If you have sync settings available then you can set sync after every hour or so because you might be receiving mails not all the time and continuously. The email application settings are available in Account Settings > Email check frequently.

    The same things goes for the Twitter and Facebook accounts. The tweets are always available every minute just like the Facebook friends updates, wall post and pictures, which when on would drain your battery quickly. Set them to be updated at a particular interval.

  • Other Tips

    You can also increase your phone battery with power control app named as Any Cut and Juice Defender.



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