Galaxy S I9000

How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with Galaxy S2 ROM

Enhancements in Galaxy S2 ROM for Galaxy S GT I9000:
There are quite a few number of apps which have been taken from the Galaxy S2 GT I9100 which are:

  • Digital Clock
  • Email Application,
  • Polaris office,
  • Games hub,
  • Readers Hub,
  • Samsung News Widget,
  • Voice2Go,
  • Social Hub,
  • Samsung IM,
  • Task provider

The applications which have been upgraded from the stock ones are:

  • Dialer Application,
  • Astro File Manager with the Conventional “My Files App”,
  • Touch Wiz 4.5,
  • New Android Market Place,
  • Scientific Calculator

There are hell lot of customizations in this S2 ROM for your Galaxy S, so just in case if you want to know more then we have ensured that we have made a separate section of screen shots of this Custom ROM so that it will be easier for you to update with this ROM.

Apart from the visually appealing interface, you can even enjoy the better battery backup compared to the existing stock ROMs.

Better overall RAM usage too makes this firmware much more efficient and powered with the Voodoo Sound control further enhances the listening experience on your Galaxy S and now with this you can enjoy the louder music experience as all audio console settings which are present in the Voodoo Sound Control App.

Special Thanks to sajidmkhan, the one who has created this Wonderful ROM.

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