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How to Update Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Factory Default Firmware

Galaxy Tab VZW LogoFor all those who were eagerly waiting for updating their galaxy tab 10.1 to the default version or to the factory firmware on their Verizon Wireless powered Galaxy Tab 10.1 can now breathe easy as we understand that an all new update is talking the rounds and the update will soon be pushed out to you either by the PC Suites or by the OTA update on your Tab. So just in case if you are any of the custom ROM or say a beta release of the firmware then this article will be of great help for you.

So lets check out in the due course of this article on how you can get back to the stock ROM EASILY and safely. It is our kind request for all the users that kindly follow all the instructions carefully or else you may end up bricking up the tab

The best part of this method is that anyone with their Galaxy Tab 10.1 powered with the Verizon Wireless can proceed to follow this tutorial to get back to their official firmware and can also regain the lost warranty just in case if you have installed any sort of custom firmware or rooted the phone.

For your simplicity we have broken this article into two different pages, in this page we will see the quick list of things which you need to follow in the pre requisites section followed by the list of instructions to update Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the next page.

Disclaimer: We at Android ADVICES have ensured in all respects to ensure that all the information regarding the firmware update is mentioned correctly in this article. We hold no responsibility in any manner just in case if any damage happens to your Samsung Galaxy Tab which is a very unlikely event if you follow the instructions carefully.

Caution: This update should be strictly be followed only by the users who are having the Samsung Galaxy Tabs which are powered with by the Verizon Wireless network.If this is applied to any other similar or other devices then there is a high probability that you may end up bricking device for which again we should not be held responsible.

Pre Requisites:

There are three important pre requisites which you need to follow before you proceed to aply this firmware.

  • First up you need to ensure that the device is at least charged with the minimum of 60% just to ensure that the device doesn’t get turned off in the process of firmware update.
  • Second foremost important thing is that you need to backup the data which is stored in the tab so that the same can be restored just in case if any data is lost. For your simplicity we have mentioned below some of the important tips with which you can easily backup the data.

SMS – Use “SMS Backup & Restore app”,
ContactsSync with the Gmail application,
Call Log – Call Log and Restore
Images, Songs, Videos, Files – Copy to internal / External SD Card,
APN and MMS Settings – Note down from the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

  • The third most important thing which most of the users miss out is that you should always ensure that the anti virus tools as well as the PC suites should be completely turned Off so as to ensure that the firmware update process is not interrupted by these two tools as these tend to interrupt the process of update.

So, now lets proceed to the next page where we have mentioned the detailed step by step instructions on how you can apply this update on your Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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