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Yahoo App Store based on Android Apps with Free Games

The Yahoo follows the footsteps of Amazon and they have come up with Yahoo Marketplace just like that we have Amazon Appstore in competition with Android Market. Looking at the success of Android operating system, and Yahoo has just begun to do anything related to Android.

Yahoo Market

The Yahoo App Store is available for Japan and they can now just go to the Android Market web portal and see the listing, find reviews and download the apps which are available. Now once this gets older and older, it would be interesting to see the facts but as of now its head to head battle with the giants of Google, Yahoo and Amazon. It would be interesting to see Windows up in the competition but I am sure Windows willn’t do it because it they are in for Windows Phone 7 OS against the Android OS.

Amazon AppStore offers one paid apps daily for download and that is the plus point of using it and we would expect something similar or interesting from Yahoo Market. The users can access Yahoo Market on their mobile too with the mobile edition. To access Yahoo Market visit and requires a Yahoo Japan ID.

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