LG Optimus Black P970 – Steps to Install Official Gingerbread V20A 2.3.4 Firmware

LG Optimus Black LogoLG Optimus Black P970 which advertises itself as a phone which outshines the Sun can now be updated with the latest Gingerbread version which is 2.3.4. So, in the due course of this article we will look on the same, but before that you need to follow all the instructions which are mentioned in this article. Also, in the due course we will also see on what are the enhancements which come along with this version of firmware. Since this is the global update, anyone with their LG Optimus Black P970 phone can apply this firmware easily. This version of firmware is dubbed as V20A and is the Gingerbread 2.3.4 version.

Disclaimer: At Android Advices, we have made sure in all respects that all the information regarding the firmware update is mentioned correctly in this article. We hold no responsibility in any manner just in case if any damage happens to your LG Optimus Black P970 which is a very unlikely event if you follow the instructions carefully.

Please note that this update should ONLY be applied to the phone which has the model number LG Optimus Black P970 and not to any similar looking phones or the network locked handsets or else it can brick the phone.

In the due course of this article we will see on what are the list of Pre Requisites you need to follow in the next page and then followed by the procedure to apply this firmware.


  1. Hi I cant turn my LG Prada ku5400 on I tried to fix it with SDCard Zip (lg software) and then it stuck on 1 file and then it turned off and now i cant turn on! can someone help!!!!

  2. Congratulations on the net site, it seems amazing. I would really like to send you some notes for this article that you will dsicover of good use if you’ve time.

    • Hi I cant turn my LG Prada ku5400 on I tried to fix it with SDCard Zip (lg software) and then it stuck on 1 file and then it turned off and now i cant turn on! can someone help!!!!

  3. In “Communication Setup” select the COM PORT as Com 17 or the appropriate COM PORT if automatically selected and in the “Communication Driver” select the option of “LGE Mobile USB Serial Port”.
    Once you are done with all the settings you are now ready to click on the “Start” tab, once the process is completed the device will be restarted. The maximum time it will take to apply this update is around 10 minutes and the minimum time is 1 minute as it depends on different parameters.

    In this part in Communication setup in COM PORT it shows nothing i cant chose anything…

  4. Tried using software update on phone. but says wifi disconnected even though it isnt. so to sum it up. softwre update on phone and using mobile support software will not update the phone. any ideas

  5. Tried everything,, Update will not install. says it completed but when phone reboots. nothing. still says it needs to be updated. please help

  6. Com port is not selected bydefault.
    blanck shown

    • please check with the USB ports

      • hi pradeep, i tried to update from the lg pc suite itself. after many processes( like setup of lg software update agent/ lg support tool/ fetching new udates etc..). it came to the notice “update now”. i clicked and then my phone displays “

        • hi pradeep, i tried to update from the lg pc suite itself. after many processes( like setup of lg software update agent/ lg support tool/ fetching new udates etc..). it came to the notice “update now”. i clicked and then my phone displays “ please wait while upgrading software”. I waited but its like eternity, i cant use any function of the phone. what should i do dudes? very grateful 2 u.

  7. Can you provide the steps to degrade the 2.3 to 2.2. Because after upgrade LGP97 is not working.

  8. The COM port give nothing, It is empty,
    How to solve it

  9. The COM port give nothing, It is empty,
    How to solve it

    • You have to set the P970 in update mode: turn the p970 off and connect the usb while pressing the volume + on the p970.

  10. The COM port give nothing, It is empty,
    How to solve it

  11. hi.. i tried all the upgrade and nothing works. I have a LG p970h fillware and V10a and want to change to gingerbread 2.3. can someone help me?

  12. hi everyone. samsung mobiles can be updated via wifi. can optimus black be updated via wifi? and how?

  13. My phone is bricked so now what….. not helpful better not to upgrade stay on what u have version now and wait for the official 2.3.4 Gingerbread for LG P970 Black

    That’s All

    • Hmm .. is there a newsletter or sth that we can subscribe to know whether it’s announced or not? or to send a notification when it’s announced?

      thank you

  14. I tried to run the Smart Tool, but the Com port is empty, the Driver first wasn’t installed,
    I installed it and Restarted the computer, still the COM and Communication Driver lists are empty,

    please help.

  15. How to root 2.3.4 v20b

  16. How do i fix the WIFI to work, realy need a working wifi..
    Vishal from where i can upgrade LG firmware upgrade to 2.3.4 ?

    • you can update on 2.3.4 firmware version!

      • @Pradeep Neela, @Pradeep Neela, successfully upgraded android 2.3.4
        on my LG Optimas BLack P970, Thanks.

        brother i have the same problem
        Wifi forced closing and android market disabled
        and i can’t sync my google gmail account

        please help

        • me too screwed up… wifi is not working post GB upgrade….

          please let me know what u followed to make it work..

  17. how did u do it please?

  18. upgrade from LG firmware upgrade software. 2.3.4 is there. I have done it today only.

  19. Why would you want to “upgrade” your phone with this unoffical bullshit. Do you hate your phone? Maybe you need a double scoop of stress in your life? Wait for the offical release and enjoy your phone the way it is presently…

  20. Hi,

    I installed this version and screwed my life badly.. Phone network loses if any miss call or mess notification arises.. Wifi force closes. can’t type in english since its chinese language.. I need to change the language mode everytime…

    I m unable to downgrade to the older version now..

    Please atleast help me fix the error loosing network connection after miss call or mess notification…


  21. u shud try and go to settings den applications den developments den usb debbuggin den turn it on !

  22. why not just use Rom Manager?

  23. Dear NeaL Pradeep;

    1st of all Thanks a lot for providing & guiding about 2.3.4 Gingerbread for LG P970 Black.

    I have finished the installation without any Technical Problems :-D

    My Cell is working very fine.

    But will you please tell me the path to Install Gmail, Gtalk, Youtube… (Google Pack) as this update lacks the same.

    Also please provide an English version Gingerbread Update for LG P970

    Will be eagerly waiting for Further Updates (English) for P970

  24. Shahow First switch off your phone, launch smartflash update tool, press and keep holding Volume up key, connect usb cable to laptop and phone. The phone will come into download mode. leave it and wait untill driver installation finishes. Then check your comm port will show in Smart flash. Then follow the provided update guide.

  25. Musindo listen I have installed this rome kept 2 days on my options black and reverted to lg company rom
    very easily after 2 days of Testing and
    Using v 20A I easily reverted to lg v10l
    The method I used may or may not work for you
    please stay tuned

  26. I´ve installed my LE mobile drivers and my LG p970 is rooted but the smart flash tool still doesn’t recognize any COM or Communication driver

  27. Yes Roobs, Don use Lg mobile support tool official recovery option or KDZ update tool, because the phone will not come up, but will get stuck after reboot and will only flash LED lights ! Download UPK kit from XDA Developers. Then use R &D Test Tool to recover lgp970. Flash phone without Battery and Sim Card, use PDF tutorial guide for Unbricking lgp970( provided in the KIT). You must have
    1. Your desired firmware for LGP970( Link for different countries provided)
    2. LG B2C Update Tool
    3. R&D update tool
    4. Windows enabler
    5. MSXML 4 SP3
    6. USB Drivers

  28. My phone got bricked, it seems I uninstalled some important files accidentally.
    I tried the Phone Recovery tool from LG but failed to work.
    This ROM here gave me back my phone, although WiFi is not working, and Google stuff are removed.
    So, I decided to use Phone Recovery again, and downgrade to V10B….and guess what ?
    IT failed again….so I have no idea how to unbrick my phone. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
    Is it possible to find .bin and .fls files of a V10B version, that can be used with SmartFlash tool, since I Am thinking that this tool is good enough for recovering my phone, although the official roms come in .kdz format.

    Thanks in advance!

  29. Hello,

    Sorry to be so direct, but this Rom is crappy ! as it is chinese, all google apps are blocked, so what is the interest to have an android ???
    and now, how can we downgrade, or at least root (which app works on that rom) to install another ROM ?
    Thanks for your help !

  30. Sure Roobs, Dont use OTA Lg recovery option also Dont use KDZ Update tool. becoz the phone will not come up, but will get stuck with LED Lights flashing only. Download UPK Kit and Use R & D Test Tool. Use PDF Tutorial guide for UNBRICKING LG P970.
    1. Firmware
    2. usb drivers
    3. Lg update Tool
    4. R&D TT
    5. Windows enabler
    6. MSXML4 SPK3
    All provided in the Kit.

  31. Yaa Roobs, If u use Recovery option for OTA LG update Tool or KDZ pdate tool, the phone will not come up, but will get stuck flashing LED Lights only. Use R&D Update Tool and flash phone WITHOUT BATTERY AND SIM CARD. Download UPK Kit from XDA Developers and use method for UNBRICKING LG P970. PDF Tutorial provided in the Kit.

  32. yaa ROOBS, Dont use the the recovery option from official LG update tool or KDZ update tool. becoz the phone will not come up, but get stuck with LED Lights flashing only. USE R & D Test Tool. and flash phone WITHOUT Battery and Sim Card. Download the UPK Kit from XDA Developers site. And use PDF guide for R&D TT supplied. you need:
    1. Your desired firmware-link provided
    2. usb drivers
    3. LG update tool
    4. R&D Test tool
    5. Windows enabler
    6. MSXML4 spk3
    so many applications in the kit but u need only the above. USE UNBRICKING METHOD in the pdf tutorial provided.

  33. everything works fine , but as i do not speak chinese typing in chinese is an issue . ( i understand you can change the langauge to english) but this does not change the typing to english . is there a way to add english typing to this rom ??

  34. Ya dont use Offical Lg update tool or KDZ Update tool. The phone will not come up after reboot. But will get stuck; flashing LED Lights only. Use Lg update Tool and R&D Test Tool provided in the UPK Kit. Flash phone without battery and sim card. Use Unbricking guide tutorial provided for R&D TT. Its in pdf format. NOTE After downlading your desired firmware version, you must delete the contry name first before adding the kdz file. Must be In Capital eg LG-P 970 V10G..

  35. Yes Roobs, if you flash using RECOVERY option for Official LG update Tool or KDZ Tool the update will be successfull BUT the phone will not come up; only LED Lights flashing!!! so dont use these tools. USE R&D Test Tools, treat phone as if you are UNBRICKING IT. You REMOVE Battery, Sim Card and Sd Card. Press Volume Up and connect usb cable to laptop(Software download mode) DONT PUT BATTERY! phone will be flashed and restart to home screen without battery!! But remember the update progress bar wil be stuck at 4% , as long as the log files( not found ….not found…… )are moving up to 100% its normal. Before applying the firmware there are some configuratiins you need to do on your laptop first.But the tutirial is there in the UPK Kit in pdf format. Basicaly u need:
    1) R&D T
    2) LG update tool
    3) Usb drivers
    4) windows enabler
    5) msi file
    6) kdz file firmware version V10… for your country.
    All 2 links supplied Kit and Firmware.

    • Please provide more information.. when I press vol up and plug cable then it goes to the software downloading mode. What to do next brother..?? Then when will I see update progress bar to 4%, your info is in bits and peices please put a list of steps needs to be followed. thanks in advance..!!

  36. Sorry NeaL i did not get you properly, what am i supposed to do im order to Root this V10G froyo. Because Gingerbreak is not working on this version of LGP 970.

  37. I did not get u NeaL, What do i need to do in order to Root this V10G. You tested on which verson?

  38. Im sorry NeaL, i did not get you propery. what do i need to do, in order to root this V10G.

  39. NeaL this method is not booting lg-p970 into recovery mode, but only normal booting. The keys are not triggering anything. Anyway i just managed to downgrade the phone to Stock Froyo V10G. Using R&D Test Tool. But the problem is there is no Rooting software working for this V10G, I tried Gingerbreak, oneclick, z4, universal, all not working, 30 mins waiting. Could you give a link for Blackjack download?

  40. Here is a http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1152377 to correct dear Neal Pradeep unstable unofficial “update”… but it doesn’t works for me sadly the way that guy explains everything is not good at all. And from what i see you can’t get in Recovery mode … home button is not a freakin press-able button. If you’ve already installed this don’t try to get back to 2.2.0 with those V10a-V10B-V10C.kdz which you will find in most of the tutorials because it won’t work unless you folllow the tutorial found in the above link. I guess everyone who installed it made it on his own risk, the really crappy thing is that i can’t install new programs – 3g is not working – can’t unlock without spending money ( and i’m planning to go back to 2.2 so i won’t waste money twice) – wifi not working. And above everything i can’t start recovery mode… So once you get this don’t try to get froyo back because it won’t work !

  41. how can i downgrade this version? It is because wifi is not working and I am really looking forward to work and I think the only way is by downgrading it. Could u tell me how to do it?

  42. Hi NeaL l treied many times, but the phone is booting normally. It seems the none physical Home key is not triggering anything. Is there any other software application to bring phone into Recovery Mode?

  43. How do I boot this Lgp970 into RECOVERY MODE In order to CLEAR CACHE?

  44. Can someone guide me on How to downgrade this buggy Chinese test firmware back to stock FROYO V10G.

  45. How to enter RECOVERY MODE LGP970, WHAT KEY COMBINATION? Help me please plase!!!

  46. Thanks, So is there any way of enabling these Google Apps? or I have to downgrade back to Froyo or Flash with a different ROM.

  47. What are the key combinations for lgp970 to enter into RECOVERY MODE?

  48. Thanks, so is there any way to enable these Google Apps? or i have to wait for the downgrade back to Froyo?

  49. Wifi not working. it can detect the the available networks But when you try to connect to any network its Force Closing Wifi. So Pradeep how can I fix this bug?

  50. There is a bug in this Rom, when ever I get a MISSED CALL the phone force closes. (The process.com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly. please try again. FORCE CLOSE.) when I force close it, it keeps on poping up again and again. When I press the missed call notification icon. The force close goes away but the phone will loose network for some time, then later gains the network. So NeaL tell me how to solve this problem.

  51. I successfully upgraded LG P970 to G B v20A. in less than 5 minutes. did not face any problems. phone now more smooth than before. But this is Chinese Firmware however one can change the language in settings for English. But NeaL can u tell me why there is NO Gmail, Android Market, Google maps, Gtalk.? Installed Gmail from market but not blocked from mobile. Google + also blocked from this Chinese firmware. Battery icon not gingerbread. Why Pradeep.

  52. how to root this 2.3.4 rom?

  53. How do i fix the WIFI to work, realy need a working wifi

  54. Hi Neal Pradeep, still i want to know where and how to downgrade LG p970 from v20a GB to v10g Froyo. Is it available as of now?

  55. Is it the real official gingerbread update for LG Optimus black?
    It’s suprising that there is no sign of this update on LG’s official site but on this site.
    Do you recommend to update this way?
    I’m very afraid of bricking my phone

  56. its chinese and wi-fi doesn’t working!!! dont update!!!

  57. I want to give it a try Is it stable and usable for daily use. i am asking from the one who tried it. and using it. if any problem my current verision is V10g where can i get this version of froyo? for downgrading?

  58. Ya, Do we need to remove Sim Card first before flashing the phone? or flashing with Sim Card would brick the phone? Again if getting stuck in bootloop, what will be the solution to get out of that loop or flashing back to froyo?

  59. Ya, so do we need to remove the sim card first before flashing the phone? or leaving Sim Card would brick the phone? Again if get stuck in bootloop what will be the solusion to go back to froyo?

  60. Firstly turn off your phone.connect the usb cable while pressing the volume up button..wait for some time….your device will show

  61. bagaimana saya bisa mendapatkan LGE mobile device?

  62. yes dont flash d phone with dis as it is having lots of bugs and also u may stuck in bootloop

  63. All USB Drivers are installed and the phone can be detected by official LG firmware update, Why is your flash software not detecting the comms ports? Nothing to select from the drop down menues. Stuck on that. could you provide the the link for the working usb drivers if different from that from LG

  64. This is test rom from China… I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use it for daily use unless they know chinese ( :) english is included) and are pretty familiar with recovery and flashing… a lot of users were stuck in a bootloop after flashing this rom an trying to go back to stock! be WARE!

  65. I tried, but no COM port recognized by the smart flash tool. Also, There’s no LGE mobile USB serial port.
    What should I do?