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How to Root LG Optimus Black P970 on Froyo 2.2 version

LG Optimus Black LogoAn Android Smart Phone without rooting is like a cake without an icing, so for all those who hold LG Optimus Black P970 Smart phone you can now root your phone. Many of the users may ask on what are the benefits of rooting, there are quite a few number of disadvantages while there are some advantages too. The first and the foremost advantage is that you can even install many third party ROMs like Cyanogen as well as other ROMs like from different sources like ROM Kitchen etc. The only disadvantage of rooting is that you will lose the warranty as soon as you root the phone, though if you update your phone with the firmware again then it will revoke the root access then eventually you can reclaim the warranty.

There are quite a few options of rooting which are available to root the device like the One click rooting option to the option like Gingerbreak. So, in the due course of this article we will be seeing on how you can root your Froyo laden LG Optimus Black P970 with the help of the Gingerbreak. Please note that you will have to follow each and every single instruction carefully or else you will end up bricking up your phone for which we should not be held responsible in any manner.

Though we haven’t tested the below mentioned rooting procedure on Gingerbread laden LG Optimus Black but the below procedure works correctly on the Froyo laden LG Optimus Black P970. So, let’s proceed and see on how you can root the LG Optimus Black P970 using the tool called Gingerbreak with the pre rooting instructions and then followed by the procedure on how you can root the phone. The Gingerbreak basically changes the system file entries of your Android device and breaks in to get the root access. This basically works on Froyo, Gingerbread and also works on the Honeycomb platform.

The APK file of the Gingerbreak settles the right files in the right place so as to gain the root access which runs the exploit to gain the root access. Once the root access is granted then the Gingerbreak remounts all the system files and then it runs the installer script after which the installer script of the Gingerbreak grants the super user access with which you get the access to all the system files, flushes in the su binary and also pumps in the Superuser APK and then it will reboot the phone. Please note that Ginger Break exploit should not be used to attain temporary root and continue using the device.

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