How to Update Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 to European XWKD4 Froyo 2.2 Firmware

G 551Samsung Galaxy 551 (also I5510) is the slider phone with QWERTY keyboard and capacitive touchscreen. Everyone who has Samsung Galaxy 551 (also I5510) phones can now update their phones with the latest Firmware update of XWKD4 Froyo 2.2 version irrespective of their current OS version. This update works only for the European users and not for other country users. So, we request you to proceed for the firmware update only if you are a European user of Samsung Galaxy 551 phone.

This is not an Official release through KIES, so we use Odin flash tool to update this firmware. You can understand the usage of Odin tool in the following pages as we divided this article into few pages so that everyone can easily understand the procedure of this firmware update. In the next pages you can see the pre requisites and the actual procedure for the firmware update of XWKD4.

Note: is not at all responsible in case of any damage to your mobiles. So, we request you to follow the instructions and the procedure carefully so as to avoid any such situations.

Please note that this update is only for European users and if other users try to use this process on their phones then there is a high chance of device damage. So, try this firmware update only in the case you are a European user of Samsung Galaxy I5510 phone.

To solve some of the queries which usually run in the minds of users, we are providing some clarifications below, so please go through it.

Stock ROM: This is termed as the OS version of your new phone that comes built-in when you purchase a phone.

Custom ROM: This is termed as stand-alone version of the OS and others will customize the OS in different ways, as Android OS is an Open sourced platform.

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