Forget TouchWiz, Organize Android Applications with Samsung’s Pure Breeze

Samsung Pure Breeze LogoIf you are the one who seriously got bored with an age old boring interface of the Touch Wiz by Samsung on your Samsung phones, then here comes an all new Launcher for your phone with a refreshing name of “Pure Breeze”. So, in the due course of this article, we will see on how you can make use of this new launcher with a short yet detailed walk through on how this application can be customized. There are to variants of this Pure Breeze application, one is the Pure Breeze Launcher Lite edition which is available for free and another one is a paid application which is named as “Pure Breeze Launcher”.

So, while the smart phones become more and more generic with ever increasing additional applications, the time has now come for a new management system which will take care of all the applications so that it can be accessed in a much more easier way than one used to do till now. So, here comes the Samsung Pure Breeze to the rescue which is an official application released by the Samsung Electronics recently. Unlike most of the application which slows down the overall performance of the phone by consuming the higher amount of RAM, Samsung has taken a step to curb this higher memory consumption. This application comes with a clean and neat user interface along with an animation which is called as the “KITE”.

With the arrival of the Samsung Breeze and with the ever-growing applications, the Samsung Breeze comes as a rescue as it allows you to manage all your applications in an effortless and in a systematic manner. So, in a nut shell, with this application, you can Organize, Navigate and get faster Access to your wanted applications. This simply pluses the conveniences and minuses the need for management of apps individually.

Features of Samsung Pure Breeze Application
– Allows you to create new group in which you can add apps similar or related as per your choice,
– Allows you to rename the group to easily identify the apps,

– Quickly find and launch the application at just one go,
– Allows you to add an application to the Kite which can be accessed just by the pressing of the Menu key for even faster access to your application.

– Use Seamless applications just with the press of the home key and can also then return to where you left last by pressing the back key.
So, let’s check out on how you can use this application on your Samsung’s Android Phone.

Procedure to use Samsung Pure Breeze:

  • So, first of all you will have to download the Samsung Pure Breeze application from the Android Market Place after which you just need to open the same. As soon as you open the application, you will see that there will be a terms and conditions page which on which you just need to tap on the accept button as shown in the below screen shot,

Samsung Pure Breeze in MarketPure Breeze Agreement

  • Please note that, if you are unable to find this application Launcher even after downloading and installing, then all you need to do is to just press the “Home” key to get the option of choosing the launcher wherein you need to choose the “Pure Breeze Lite” option.

Select Launcher

  • As soon as you tap on the “Accept”, you will then be shown with the short tutorial on how you can use this application as shown in the below screen shot,

How to use Pure Breeze  1How to use Pure Breeze  2How to use Pure Breeze  3Enjoy Pure Breeze

  • So, after four short tutorial screens which are shown in the above screen shot, you are all set now to configure this application as per your choice.

All Apps

  • As shown in the above screen that all the applications are listed, apart from the all applications listing, there are also other sections which comes pre-loaded in this applications namely, Surf, Favorites and Connect. So, according to your convenience and requirements you can easily add the apps to the corresponding lists as shown in the below images.


  • Alternatively, you can also set the settings of your choice wherein you can select the animation effects which you want.  You can choose the Sound Effect, Kite Speed and also the Animation Effect from the Setting page which you can get by pressing the Menu Key as you can see in the below image.

Pure Breeze Settings

  • The advantage in the Premium paid application of the Samsung Pure Breeze Launcher is that you can even add the categories as many as you want and also the paid application gives you the facility to edit the category names as per your choice which is a huge relief just in case if you want the category names as different than the preset ones.

To make this as your default launcher, you need to tap on the option of “Set as Default Launcher” which you get after pressing the home key. At any point of time to remove this as the default Launcher, you will have to go to the path of Applications > Settings > Manage Applications > Pure Breeze Lite > Select Clear Defaults. So, in this manner, you can easily remove the defaults set by this launcher and you can then choose the launcher by pressing the Home key. That’s it you have now successfully learnt on how you can use an all new Launcher from the house of Samsung Electronics. Let us know in the comments section below if you need any help regarding using this application. Am sure, with this now you will forget the Touch Wiz and will say hi to the Samsung Pure Breeze launcher. Do let us know your thoughts on this application and if at all there are any issues with this application, mention the same in the comments section below.

Download Samsung Pure Breeze Launcher



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