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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab Google IO Edition – Tutorial

Google IO LogoFor all those who attended the Google IO event 2011, all of the attendees got an all new swanky Google IO’s special edition of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. And also if you are the one who managed to get the one then am sure you might be now looking on for on how toy root this Google IO tablet, so let’s check out the same and see on how you root the same easily. Please note that the procedure to root is very simple. By rooting the Google IO Special edition of Samsung Galaxy Tab you can easily unlock the potential of the device as it opens up a whole new gateway to load all the applications and also it allows you to play with the system applications too. There are many benefits of rooting the Galaxy Tab, like for example after rooting your device you can easily take the screen shots directly from your device.

Google IO Galaxy Tab

Please note that you will have to follow all the instructions including the pre root instructions as well as the instructions to root the Galaxy tab 10.1 Google IO Special Edition properly so as to facilitate the smoother rooting process. And we should not be held responsible for any manner if just in an unlikely case if you brick your Google IO Galaxy Tab 10.1 as if you don’t follow the procedural instructions which are mentioned below.

Google IO Tab

Pre Root Instructions:

  • Warranty will get void once you root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, though warranty can be claimed once you un root your device.
  • In an unlikely event you may lose all the data which is present in your Google IO Galaxy Tab 10.1, so it’s recommended to create a backup of all the data like call log, messages, applications, music, videos and other data which is present in the phone, so that you can restore the same once the rooting process is completed.
  • Ensure that you have the installed the latest framework in your computer or also you can install the latest version of KIES which is dubbed as KIES 2 so as to ensure that all the required drivers are installed successfully.
  • It’s very important to maintain a minimum battery power of 50% so as to facilitate the smoother rooting process or else there is a high possibility that your device may end up turning completely off in the process of rooting.
  • Since the process of rooting will be taking place, all the APN settings with which you access the Internet will be wiped off completely, so ensure that you have noted all the required settings for accessing the internet so that you can configure them again back once the device gets rooted. Also, additionally ensure that you have also backed up the MMS Settings and other settings as in an unlikely event sometimes you may end up losing all the 3G Settings as well as the APN or MMS settings in the process of Rooting the device.
  • Last but not the least follow the below mentioned instructions carefully so as to save your phone from being turned into an expensive paper weight.

Please note that we should not be held responsible for any damage or loss in any manner to your Google IO Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is unlikely if you follow the below mentioned instructions carefully. So, let’s proceed for the same. Also, its very important on not to interrupt the rooting process in the middle of the processing pperiod as its very dangerous and also could lead to the bricking of the phone.

Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO Special Edition:

  • First up from your computer you will have to Google IO Root zip file in which the root file for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO Edition is there. To get the same, after downloading in your computer you will have to extract the same and in the process of extraction if any password is being prompted then you will have to enter the password as “” without the inverted comas as mentioned.
  • Root Google IO Zip file

  • Next up after getting the file of file, you just will have to transfer the same into your Google IO Tab 10.1 by connecting your tab with the computer using the USB cable. Also, you will ensured that you have configured the ADB for your phone which can be done by following the simple tutorial.
  • adb prompt

  • After configuring the ADB, you just will have to enter the command as “adb reboot recovery”.
  • After keying in the above command, you will have to wait for some time till it processes the reboot recovery and in this period of time your phone may also reboot few times. Though this is not a common phenomenon but for the phones which have lower free memory will face this while other devices will not have this process.
  • After this, you simply have to select the flash file which you have put in the ADB or pushed in the ADB, so now the actual rooting process commences and then as soon as the process is finished the tab will be restarted and then you will see that the Galaxy Tab will again be restarted and after that the tab will be getting the Super user access which means that the tab has been successfully rooted.

Do let us know if you face any issues while rooting in the comments section below and just in case if the rooting doesn’t happen after following the above option then you can just re follow the above instructions again from the start so as to facilitate the rooting process again.If sue to some reasons you are unable to root your Google IO tab special edition then you can also try using the method of Z4 Root method which may root your Galaxy Tab. Also, if you have missed out you can even install the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.3 version right on your Galaxy Tab just by following the simple instructions.

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