Malware in Android Market Steals Bank Passowords

Android Market LogoDo you know that the Android Market Place too has some serious loop holes as some of the applications in the Android Market Place steals the banking passwords? Yes, for all those who thought that the Android as a platform is safe might just have to give this a thought as its not safe at all as the market has a malware which really is responsible for the stealing of banking passwords data. Basically there are two Android Malware types which are available as of now, one is the Droid Dream Light and another one is the Zitmo out of which both has the ability to steal the banking data or can also intercept the data from the non suspected users and then the data can be fetched to misuse it. Though these both malwares can be caught by using the recognized Antivirus, its still a big question mark on howm many more such malwares are there which cause damage to the privacy of the users confidential data.

Since these two malawares were caught by the LookOut mobile security, we could knew on what consequences it can make, so always ensure that you use a trusted antivirus or the anti malware softwares like the Lookout Mobile Security or else it will be very difficult to track, find and kill such malwares.

According to the release by LookOut, it was reported that the four applications that are Mobnet: Quick FallDown, Scientific Calculator, Bubble Buster and a clone of Best Compass & Leveler pulled the user data and were stealing the udser passwords, so its better that immediately you should uninstall these applications which are mentioned above. Please note that, always you will have to ensure that the unwanted apps should be removed or uninstalled from your device or else such consequences can get aroused. Also, we can hope that since al these things are Anti-Google Policies, Google will surely look out for the same and will ensure that such things are not repeated again. In the above 4 applications which are listed, there was a threat of Droid Dream Light which was found and also this one contnously performs the unwanted tasks in the background without our consent which is the most worst thing as it not only drains the data but also steals the data from our Android Phones like Passwords and other crucial data.


Another malware which is named as the Zitmo is basically a malware which has recently plagued other mobile OS formats like Windows and even the Symbian and was known for stealing the passwords. Also, this on eis very popular on all variants of the Videocon Zeus handsets as this malware is made for all the Zeus variants phones. Adding to the Worst its event like that it tracks all the incoming messages and captures the crucial data like the authentification codes which the bank sends to the users and also it has the capability to perform the transactions on the users behalf. Also, additionally, the apk file size is of around 19KB and it passes itself as the security tool with the name of Trusteer and if te user installs any malicious application, then then trusteer report will be appearing on the main menu and then this will take over the screen after clicking on the application link which is again the bad part of this application and how it works to capture all the important data.
So, all in all if you look to protect yourself from all such malicious threats, then you will have to make sure that you use a good antivirus as well as a good anti malware solutions like AVG Security Suite or even say Look Out Mobile security tool.

Do, let us know if you want to share any such experiences in the comments section below so that all other users will get benefitted with the same.

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