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Privacy Blocker LogoApplications are part of our Life and when it comes to Android, its necessity more than the need as without applications Android is un imaginable as after all Android phones are smart by default. There have been many instances where applications gather personal information from us which sometimes applications reveal the same but do you know there are some applications which do compile all of ours personal information and store the same in their respective servers for later use. As of now there is no mechanism to monitor such kind of privacy limiters as only a handful of applications like twitter etc. employ highest safety standard like OAuth etc. which are highly secured and safe.

Privacy Blocker is basically the only app that can fully lookout for apps that steal your private information and may be harmful. It is unlike any other app in that it can actually scan through other apps code to find privacy issues. The best part of this application is that most of the required features are also there in the free version, so you don’t have to pay for the application. Also, most importantly this is the only application in the Android Market Place available till date which can do these below stated features. After scanning for potential violations, Privacy Blocker can actually fix the problems that are in the apps. After fixing you can install the secure app directly on your device without having to worry about all from within Privacy Blocker.

So, let’s check out an Android application which is dubbed as Privacy Blocker and another similar applications which is called as Privacy Inspector which can both help you to secure your personal data as well as information by revealing all the safe fixes and information access by any application which is stored on your Android phone. You can have a look at the features of these both applications which are mentioned below,

Features of Privacy Blocker & Privacy Inspector

  • Scans applications for any issues,
  • View details accessed by applications
  • Install and backup facilities for limited applications
  • Share results via facebook, twitter & Email
  • One stop uninstall station to uninstall unwanted applications

If you compare this one with any other security applications like AVG or any other security suites then this is the most efficient one as while others can’t find and fix such threats, this Privacy Blocker app does everything perfectly.

You can easily scan all the applications separately or in a batch them and then you can view PB offer you a set of recommendations of items which is stumbled upon.  From there, you can tell the app to “fix” anything it found any problems. To “fix”, you will see that PB appears to uninstall the bad app and either re-package or somehow trick the app on a re-install so that the same information is no longer accessed by that particular application.

How to use Privacy Blocker & Privacy Inspector:

First up, you will have to open Android Market Place and then search for “Privacy Inspector” application after which you will have to tap on “FREE” and then on “OK” to download and install the application shown below.

SEARCH Android Market PlacePrivacy App in MarketTap on OK to download

Now, depending upon the data connection speed, the application will be downloaded and the same you can see in the below screen shot.

Downloading Privacy inspectorInstalled Privacy Inspector

Next up after downloading the application, go into “Applications” from your home screen and choose Privacy Blocker Application and after which you will see a home screen as shown below,

Welcome PageScan for apps

After opening the application for the first time, you will see some welcome terms which you can have a glance and after that you just need to simply tap on the “Ok” tab after which you will have to tap on the “Scan for apps” tab after which this application will be scanning for all the applications which are present in your device as shown below,

Facebook app Scanfacebook app details

Supposedly if you select the facebook to check whether its secured or not then it will scan for any vulnerabilities if there are any. After selecting the application you need to select the first option at the bottom of the applications window as shown in the above screens shot after which the over all security will be shown, which in this case is “Ok”. Now, when you press the Menu key then you will see that youi can send these details or share the same to other medias as well in the form of mail or via twitter and facebook.

App Menu

Now, if you come down to the application window, you will find that after pressing the “Menu” Key, you will get 4 options which are Menu / Select, Scan Apps, Settings and also the Help. So, if you choose the “Settings” then you will see that a whole range of settings window open up as shown in the below screen shot, you can now choose from the customizations as per your choice.

Main Setttings

So, that’s it after choosing the right set of options in the Settings option, you will be easily able to set the preferences of your choice and that’s it you have successfully installed and learnt on how you can use the Privacy Inspector application, in the same way you can also install the Privacy Blocker application which is almost the same application just like the Privacy inspector, the only difference being is that the Privacy Blocker application is a paid version application. Please note that the the free version of application, Privacy Inspector can be downloaded from the Android Apps Labs. You can download the Privacy Blocker application either from Android Market Place or by scanning the below QR Code.

Download Privacy Blocker Application:


Privacy Blocker QR Code

Scan to download Privacy Blocker

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