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How to Root Nook Color 1.2 & Access Amazon App Store & Add Market

nook color LogoWith the recent arrival of the Froyo update of version 1.2, the Nook Color has not only garnered the goodness of an all new look but also now powers with the power of Flash Support, Email application and also along with this host of other features too are added along with the addition of few applications like the eReader etc. The only unfortunate thing still overseen is the no support of Android Market Place. Being an Android tablet and absence of the mighty Android Market Place which has over 2.3Lakh applications is surely a cause of concern which many of wants to overcome this.

So, in the due course of this article, we will see on how you can install the non Market Applications. Just in case if you have tweaked earlier before the update for running the applications of your choice then this new 1.2 version update has blocked that tweak and now the same method refuses to work. So, if not an Android Market Place, you can surely make use of an alternate Android Market which is known as Amazon Market which offers daily one paid App for free. Just in case if you have not installed the latest version of Firmware version of 1.2 then you can follow the instructions from here to update the same first and then proceed with the below mentioned instructions.

Disclaimer: should not be held responsible in any manner for any damage happened to your device which is a very unlikely event if you follow all the instructions carefully.

In the due course of the article, you will have to root the B&N’s Nook Color after which you will be losing the warranty. The best part of the rooting is that you can also over clock the Processor in the Nook Color to 1.2GHz for better speed and faster user interface experience. Also, once the device is rooted, you can then install the apps like the Amazon App Store, Zeam Launcher which is one of the best visually appealing launchers, Nook Color Tools, ROM Manager with which you can install the third party Custom ROMs after which your Nook Experience will never be the same again, Set CPU to adjust the Clocking Speed of the processor, Calculator etc. to just name a few.

Nook Color Tablet

So, over a period of this article we will see on how you can install the Clock Work Mod Recovery in your phone and then we will proceed to the instructions to Run any .apk files in your B&N Nook Color. But before proceeding with any of the above, we will have to first pass through the list of pre requisites which you can follow from here below.

Pre Requisites:

  • Ensure that the battery charge left in the Nook Color is at least of 80% as since the process is bit long and will encounter with some restarts, the battery will be consumed more than it takes in the normal operation.
  • You also will have to backup all your data so that the same can restored back to your device once the whole process is over. You can copy all your important data to your computer so that you can then move back the same easily.
  • Also, you will have to ensure that all the tools like the Antivirus, Firewall tools and PC Suites should be completely closed as these tools tend to interrupt the process of the firmware update.

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