How To Update Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 to DDKC4 2.2.2 Firmware

Galaxy Pro LogoFor all those out there in Asia who own a Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 handset welcome on board at Androidadvices as we will also now provide the full coverage on all the latest firmware releases, as this will be the first update for all Asian Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 phones. If you are a beginner then we would like to mention that since Android is an Open source platform, the updates are evident and most of the updates gets leaked courtesy several other forums. Now, you may ask that whether such firmware updates are safe for the phone? The answer is that, yes they are cent percent safe if and only if you are following the procedure which is mentioned on this site which is

Also, we hold no responsibility in any manner if you follow or download files from any other forums or sites as we ensure that all the firmware upgrade files are Safe to use along with a detailed update guide. The best part is that we provide total free support for your Android device which means just in an unlikely case if you face any issues while upgrading your device then we will ensure that you get out of this situation.

Please note that any one from any part of the World can proceed and update their device of SAMSUNG Galaxy Pro handset but the only condition being that you should ensure that your phone is not a network locked handset which means that your handset should not be network locked which means that in other words it should be SIM FREE. The simplest way to find whether the device is network locked or not then you can just find by a simply trick that is if you see any operator’s name on the phone then it’s a Network locked phone and this update is not for you guys.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Logo

The reason being this update will or will not work on this phone is because all the network locked phones are only updated with the Operator as it has some dedicated applications. This all new update of SAMSUNG Galaxy Pro is dubbed as Froyo DDKC4 which we will look on how you can update with the same. In the last version which we saw the update was not supporting some of the languages and was turned out to be an Arabic firmware, so this time we ensured that this firmware is an Asia specific firmware.

Updating with this firmware won’t mean that you have rooted your device and also most importantly if you have rooted your device before then after updating your device with this firmware of DDKC4 then the rooting will be terminated and then after the firmware update you will have to root the device again. So, in the due course of this article we will see on how we can easily update the device with the latest version of 2.2.2 Froyo. Also, soon the next upgrade options for the Galaxy Pro that are Gingerbread 2.3.3 as well as 2.3.4 versions will arrive and the same will be updated on this site. So, let’s proceed and see on what are the pre requisites which you will have to follow before we proceed for the procedure to update the device along with the things which are now improved in this update with the instructions to update the device.


  1. model no.- GT-B7510
    version:- 2.2.2
    ROOT@SE-S605 #1
    is tht pocible nw??

  2. The “Update Zip file” does not exist in the web. Can you provide an updated link?

    Thank you

  3. I m unable to connect my galaxy pro B7510 to pc….the usb cord is detecting other phone so i dont se that there is a problem with it…but when i connect my phone …the pc prompts that it did not find any hardware …is there anything u can think of?
    plz do reply if u have any solution..if i have to download something plz do send me the link..

  4. He descargado el Samsung Kies, he sincronizado musica y fotos. Cunado lo he vuelto 
    a usar no me aparece el dispositivo Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510.  voy a los pasos recomendados en el programa, lo repito y repito los pasos.  no se produce la conexion.
    Desintalo e instalo de nuevo el SK. se sigue dando la misma situacion.
    ¿Que otra situacion de buenos resultados me recomiendan? Gracias.  

  5. Am 4rm Nigeria my phone is / BASE BAND VERSION JXKC2 & BUILD NUMBER FROYO JVKC2 pls. can i update it?

  6. hey i have a samsung galaxy pro….
    model no.- GT-B7510
    version:- 2.2.2
    ROOT@SE-S605 #1

  7. Thanx for the info

  8. how i update galaxy pro in gingerbread??????????

  9. does this update is avail through kies……what’s d diff b/w rooting n updating…?..plz help.


  11. Gingerbread 2.3.6 update is available for Galaxy PRO and also you can root/unroot it!

  12. do you have the update on the gingerbread version for Samsung Galaxy pro? Its awaited for quite a long time now…

  13. jxkc2 is my phones firmware. is the firmware mentioned in the tutorial capable of running on my phone ? gt-b7510.
    is my firmware old or new ?

  14. Do you have timeline for releasing 2.2.3(GingerBread) version for Samsung Galaxy pro BT7510?

    Also would like to know that I am getting horrible backup from my Samsung Galaxy pro BT7510.. Need to recharge the phone twice daily… Not sure whether its the problem with the battery or the Froyo OS… Can you suggest something?

  15. Has the 2.3 firmware been released in UK ? The samsung galaxy pro UK site shows a gingerbread manual – what does that mean ? Link:

    Can you please let us know when will you guys honor us Indians by releasing it here ?

  16. i want to use it in my mobile not pc it is available there i know

  17. hi i want to download handy wifi for my sams. galax. pro 7510 please help

  18. hi

    i have galaxy pro with

    baseband version jxkc2

    kernel version

    build number froyo jpkc4

    plz tell me about the upgrate version


  19. Alguien por favor ayúdeme..!!

    compré un samsung galaxy pro b7510, pero en mi pais no puedo navegar en 3G.. sólo en EDGE.. y es porque aca las operadores venden el B7510L que es para Latinoamerica.. quiero saber si puedo convertir mi B7510 en B7510L…???

  20. hi
    I have galaxy pro with
    baseband version jxkc2

    build number froyo.jpkc4

    plz tell me about the latest upgrade version for galaxy pro


  21. Is Froyo.JPKC4 is the latest or the DDKC4???

    Im so confused after reading the comments….

  22. Any news regarding gingerbread for galaxy pro?

  23. Hi Neal,
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510
    android version: 2.2.2
    baseband: B7510DDKC3
    Build number: FROYO.DDKC4
    kernel version:

    1. is this the latest or is there any firmware upgrade available
    2. RAM on this phone is 279MB, is there a RAM upgrade available or can I increase RAM by purchase ?
    3. any recommended anti-virus software for this phone & is it required in the first place ?
    4. while making calls, the phone takes time to disconnect data services & then make the call, the performance is slow
    can anything be done to improve perf ?
    5. how to move installed applications from phone to SD card ?

    • 1. yes its the latest as of now
      2. yes afterr update RAM will be increased
      3. Use Look out Mobile security,
      4. while the call is made, the data services will be off.
      5. you can root and then use “Apps2SD” APP to move your apps stored in the phone!

  24. hi,

    i have samsung galaxy pro GT- B7510 with DDKC 2.2.2 version.

    after that any updates you have pls share with me.

    Sheshank darji

  25. Hi Neal,
    Is this an official Samsung update? Coz m getting a message in Kies that S/W version in my phone is an unofficial version, after updating to this.


  26. Hello,

    i want to update my Galaxy pro… as i am new user of android application so please somebody guide me that how it can be updated and which tools i should u to update it…..

    Thank you.

  27. gud morning.. i just want to ask on how to activate the gprs settings in samsung galaxy pro b7510… i needed the reply badly.. thanx

  28. my battery in this phone gets drained up very soon and doesn’t stands for atleast 6hours and my phone gets switched off automatically when it is charging so wat shall I do. Is there any way to find it out.

  29. Hi Neal,
    I just checked in Kies, A new Gingerbread upgrade is available for my phone. But as I’ve upgraded the firmware to DDKC4, its showing below message,

    “S/W version in your phone is not an official version. Firmware upgrade of unofficial S/W version is not supported.”

    Please help me out to upgrade to Gingerbread. It seems that I need to restore my original phone software. I don’t remember my original S/W version. Is there any way to find it out.
    Thanks in advance.


  30. Hi Neal. Are you and your colleagues the ones doing the updating for these phone models? Or is it coming from Samsung?

  31. hey neal,

    here are the details of my Samsung galaxy pro GT- B7510 software

    android version :- 2.2.2
    baseband version :- b7510JXKC2
    kernel version :- (what’s this?)
    build number :- FROYO.JPKC4
    is my phone up to date ?????
    n yea one more thing , is there any possible way through which I can chose betweem the network(GSM/UMTS)
    I’ll be very grateful if u answer my question

  32. hi,

    i have samsung galaxy pro GT- B7510 with DDKC 2.2.2 version.

    after that any updates you have pls share with me.

    Sheshank darji

  33. plz release the 2.3 update for this device

  34. still no gingerbread version for galaxy pro?

  35. How to restore back the phones original software after upgrading to this firmware….?

  36. what the difference between JPKC4 and DDKC4? i got the later reply me bro. is it beneficial to switch to jpkc4

  37. When will Gingerbread be available with Galaxy Pro?

  38. hi,

    i have samsung galaxy pro GT- B7510 with DDKC 2.2.2 version.

    can i update to gingerbread 2.3.3 or 2.4 firmware update?

    please guide for same.

    Sheshank darji

  39. unlocking the phone!!
    They may use the release that is circulating for the galaxy s?
    Trying not to use an unlocking box.
    Thaks, for all your answers!!

  40. How do you make the phone unlocked/simfree? I have one on UK 3 Network and want to use another network
    Can flashing the new firmware do this?

  41. over clocking is safe for the galexy pro? it will really help to increse the speed ?

  42. Other model galexy gingerbread 2.3.4 will work with galexy pro? if it not work, i can flash back to old version?

  43. anyone know how to free the sim on this model??

  44. hello Neal. thanks for your patien ce in xplaining evry detail involved in d upgrade process. i live in Nigeria. purchased Galaxy pro GT-B7510 Android version 2.2.2, baseband version B7510JXKC2, Build number FROYO.JVKC2. please am i running the latest version? if no what is d latest version? Thhanks

  45. How can i upgrade my samsung galaxy pro to android gingerbread 2.3.4?Pls advise?

  46. shahnawaz sahibole

    can someone advice me how to use my samsung galaxy pro B7510 with USB cable to my laptop.
    please help me as soon as possible.

  47. Hi boss… iam using samsung galaxy pro b7510, so am recently upgrade to DDKC4 2.2.2 version but i got a issue on my phone display was not working after upgrade its getting half black half white screen… what will i do…reply me ASAP….???

  48. Amazing update, I have observed tremendous improvement in my set after this update. Thanks a lot.

  49. this is f*cking like ah multitasking you need make like ah itunes apps or bb desktop for good suggestion only and easy way to update our device.right?

  50. Thanx. it worked.

    My current verision

    Android Version : 2.2.2
    Baseband Version : B7510DDKC3
    Build Number : FROYO.DDKC4

    Please inform about the next update as soon as it comes.

  51. I cant go into the download mode / safe mode, I tried to push Q while turning off the phone and after turning off the phone. but it doest work. Please help.

  52. Hi,

    My phone is samsung galaxy pro b7510, android 2.2.2, baseband ddkc3, build froyoddkc4.
    Just wanted to know
    1) if this phone supports flash
    2)is there a firmware update?
    3)is gingerbird update possible?
    4)why is the phones support pages saying that it supports adobe flash version 10.1?

    thanks for your attention..

  53. I have a compilation UMKC2, I’m from Mexico would have a problem updating to this firmware, I worry about the language and 3G networks.
    No need to root my phone right?
    ►I appreciate your prompt ANSWERS and thanks for the article is very comprehensive

  54. Hi. What is the latest firmware for galaxy pro? DDKC4, yes?

  55. Hi, My Galaxy Pro Baseband Version is “B7510JXKC2″ and Build is “Froyo.JPKC4″
    Kindly advice me if DDKC4 is older than mine or I need to upgrade to DDKC4 ??

  56. Is this android 2.3.3 Gingerbird Update.
    Because it is written their

    “Now, that’s it as soon as you see that the above screen is shown in the Odin, you will have to wait for the home screen to see in the phone and there you go, you have now successfully installed the latest firmware of 2.3.3 Gingerbread for your Galaxy Pro Android phone”

    plz do reply

  57. Hi,
    Is JPKC4 is the latest firmware for Galaxy Pro B7510 phone? I’ve just updated to DDKC4. Can I upgrade it to JPKC4?

  58. Hi,
    I’ve just updated my Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 to this firmware & the results are….

    Android Version : 2.2.2
    Baseband Version : B7510DDKC3
    Build Number : FROYO.DDKC4

    Are those correct?

    BTW, how to reset the phone to clear all the cache data?

  59. Hi,
    I just bought Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 last week & it’s under warranty. Will the warranty be voided if I upgrade it to this firmware?

    • no warranty will not be voided if you update but if you root then the warranty is voided, though if you unroot the device then the warranty can be reclaimed!

  60. what’s odin?

  61. I wonder if latest version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread can be upgraded to this Galaxy pro please?

  62. @ my phone updated.

  63. i keep getting the error “cannot open the usb serial port. code 32″
    pls help

  64. cannot open usb serial port. code 32
    with this msg i kust can upgrade my phone. pls neal help me get out of this. am stock.

  65. anybody there to help…………….

  66. do i have to root my phone to install flash player as it is not installing………..when i click on it,,it star installing and after that
    show flash player not installed…done……………help……………..

  67. no….. can u provide me link of that article……….please………..

  68. MY phone formware is 2.2.2 b7510ddkc3 …. Is it updateable……………..and how to install adobe flash palyer….not able to install…………………….help……

  69. while my phone is off and i press down the Q button it doesn’t enter the download mode.
    now when i connect the USB cable to my phone then to laptop and switch off the phone and hold down the Q button it enters the download mode with a yellow diagram instead of green as discribed in the process. when the odin software is working, it displays an error like ” cannot access the usb” .

  70. hello
    am writing from nigeria.
    i bought a galaxy pro B7510 with build number FROYO.jvkc2 and baseband version B7510jxkc2. i want to update it but i could not get it to enter the download mode. please any tip on how to fix this download mode error.
    thans for your concern

  71. I am confused with the comments. What is the latest firmware for my Samsung Galaxy Pro?

  72. I see this is an ASIA version; Is English supported; I mean am in Kenya, Can i run this Update? My phone details are as follows Model: GT-B7510, Android Version: 2.2.2, Baseband Version: B7510JXKC2, BUILD NO: FROYO. JVKC2

  73. Hi,

    Help me.I want to download PC suite for the mobile “samsung galaxy pro B7510″ for testing my mobile application in that phone.So please tell me where i download it freely.

    Thansk & Regards,

  74. thx so much bro!!! realy thx alot fr d info!! hope u’ll infrm us as soon as an upgraded version of firmware or gingerbread arrives for galaxy pro!!!

  75. Fred Lacoste Bienvenue

    Just wanna say thank you very much!

    it worked like a charm.

    what is the web address i look at for knowing if a new version is out for my device B7510?

    Thanks again!


  76. I hav galaxy pro wit following details:
    PDA B7510DDKC4
    Wats is dis data about ??
    I am facng battery problem… it hardly works for 8hrs. Is it possible to update software n get longer battery life.. and which update to go for ??

  77. i’ve gt samsung galaxy pro with build number- FROYO.DDKC4. android version- 2.2.2
    so is there a more upgraded version of firmware after this???
    is JPKC4 2.2.2 more latest??

  78. Was reading the other page about JPKC4 2.2.2 Firmware for galaxy pro b7510, be4 i stumbled on this page :) Which do you suggest i can follow?? My firmware is DDKC4 2.2.2. Jus got excited cause in the previous page it mentioned GINGERBREAD 2.3.3. Please do reply. Thanks.

  79. pls provide me the detailed procedure of reseting the device. i am a bit confused. regards gg

  80. Cache data erasing procedure is missing above. Will you pl. provide the same for me?

    Galaxy Pro B7510


    Not Find Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 PC Driver so Please sent me via Email…..

  82. My phone’s firmware version is Froyo DXKC4 and 3G/APN internet connection drops after some hours of usage and it doesn’t seem to work again after that. The only way to make 3G to work again is to switch flight mode to ON then OFF or to reboot the phone. Does this update fix this problem?

  83. El equipo que tengo es un modelo GT-B7510L Y tiene version FROYO.UMKC2 y me gustaria saber si este es mas reciente al DDKC4 por que las 2 versiones son 2.2.2

    • hola amigoo la verdad yo estoy mas aburrido compre mi celular galaxi pro y medoy cuenta q vien en ingles y asiatico
      pero yo lo quiero en español se q la version q tienes nos sirve para colombia y como veo q vas actualizar tu telefono ………. de alguna manera me podrias pasar el room de tu celular ……… verdad me ayudarias mucho con este problema…………….me imagino q si actulizas tu tendras un archivo de rrespaldo pues si la actualizacion no llena tus espectativas volverias a dejarlocomoestaba …………… de ese archivo hablo me puedes ayudar?

  84. My galaxy pro is running Froyo DXKC4. Is DDKC4 a newer firmware?

  85. I have a problem in the phone Type Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510
    When you run any program for a period of minutes the device to stop working
    I want to work for this software and so far discussed, many did not get the update please help you

    =================== Details ==========================
    Existing version
    Froyo (DDKC4) 2.2.2
    I want to update
    Gingerbread 2.3.3 as well as 2.3.4 versions