How to Increase Samsung Replenish M580 Battery Life

Samsung Replenish LogoSprint launches an all new eco-friendly device which is dubbed as Samsung Replenish M580 which is capable of not only increasing its battery life but also being an eco-friendly phone you have a lot to get from, so let’s see on further how you can make the most of this eco-friendly phone. With the green pack which comes bundled with this Samsung Replenish, this phone comes with the direct capability of optional solar door charger for on the go charging, so next time when you run out of battery, just simply open the solar door and put your phone in the Sun rays to charge up. Isn’t it a smart way to get charge for your phone?. So, what if it’s a cloudy day and Sun doesn’t rescue you, we will tell you on how to get out of this situation so that you can increase the battery life of Samsung Replenish.

Since it’s a CDMA phone which is powered by the Sprint’s network, it has bit lower battery life as it just comes along with the battery power of mere 1600 Mah which promises to last for just a talk time of around not more than 5.5 hours or a stand by time of 217 hours in ideal conditions which is very hard to achieve by you and me. So, there are some tips and tricks by following which you can not only easily increase the battery life but also the overall efficiency is increased by a huge margin. Soon we will also come out with the Rooting of Samsung Replenish with which you can further make use of many applications which will unlock the potential of your device.

Increase Battery Efficiency

When we talk of increasing the battery life, efficiency matters a lot. So, to increase the battery efficiency you need to keep couple of things pinned which are,

  • Clean the battery contacts once in two months with a piece of dry cloth,
  • Never keep the battery for overnight charge as this might over charge the device which affects the battery life to a greater extent,
  • USB charging is not recommended when battery level is less than 15% as USB charging basically trickle charges which is not good if the battery has less charge available, make use of AC Charger at this time,
  • Frequent pull offs loosens up the battery contact pins which is not good for the phone as well as the battery as once it gets loose then you need to change the battery or also in some cases you will have to change the pins which gets coupled with the battery at the time of battery placement.
  • Never put battery in extreme temperatures like in extreme cold or in extreme hot like in sunlight or other places as this will spoil the battery immediately.
  • Never place anything above or below the battery shelf in the phone as many times we tend to place an extra sim card below the battery or above, by doing this the battery may get spoiled and may also result in battery bulging which is very dangerous.

Optimize battery Charge

Now, after following the above battery manners, you will now have to ensure that the charge left in the battery is optimized so that you can make use of the remaining battery life very efficiently. So, let’s check out some tips which will guide you in optimizing he battery life,

  • Use darker wallpapers instead of lighter shades of wallpapers as with the use of lighter wallpapers the battery tends to discharge very quickly.
  • With the use of Live wallpapers, the battery will discharge very quickly as screen tends to move with the use of Live wallpapers.
  • The biggest battery drainers are WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and also the intensity of brightness. So all these you can control with a single centralized “Power Widget”. Just long press on your Android’s home screen and after which just select “Widgets” and then scroll down to find and select “Power Control” after which this widget will be placed in the home screen as shown below.

Power Control Widget Samsung Replenish

  • If you further wanted to increase the battery life by advanced power control widget options then you can make use of the My Settings smart application which can be downloaded from the Market Place with which you can easily control all the major power drainers right on your screen as you can see in the below screen shot.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • If you are on the Wi Fi network then ensure that as soon as you finish the work on the Wi Fi network then just turn off the Wi Fi option as this drains bit higher battery life.
  • Also, another parameter which is responsible for the battery drain is the 3G network, if your operator supports the 3G network and you don’t use 3G offerings but still if you have selected the WCDMA network then switch back to the GSM Mode which is the 2G mode as 3G network drains the battery faster than the 2G network.
  • We all love photographs but your phone’s battery  doesn’t like the camera to get turned on very often and for a very long period as with even camera going in the stand-by mode the battery drains continuously.
  • In the World of Android, it’s hard to imagine without applications, so just ensure that there are not many applications running in the background as with applications running in the background the battery tends to discharge a lot without your consent. These apps can be closed with the help of in built task killer and also can be done by clearing the RAM. Never use any third party task killer applications as these task killers itself utilize lot of battery life in searching continuously for the apps which are running and also the app in its own too will utilize the battery, so its recommended to make use of default task killer app which is present in your Samsung Replenish by default.

about elite task killer

  • Always ensure that you have turned off the GPS as it continuously searches for the location which in short drains the battery, until and unless it’s not required just turn it off and also as soon as you finish send the files over the bluetooth, turn off the same as this one too drains the battery by a fair amount.

So, that’s it just by following the above simple tips and tricks you can easily increase the battery life for your Samsung Replenish and also you can optimize your battery with which you can make the most of your battery. If you too came across some important tips and tricks to save the battery life then do let us know in the comment section.



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